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Indoor Air Quality Components & Systems

Robies offers options to remove dust, pollen, bacteria to improve indoor air quality

Your home (and family) deserves clean air.

The air in today’s tightly-sealed, well-insulated homes can quickly become stale. Dust, dirt, pollen, mold and humidity become “captive”…while you live, while you eat, while you sleep.

If your home has a furnace or air conditioning with ductwork, we can help you find some real answers:

Air Cleaners, Air Purifiers, Media Filters. A clean home needs clean air. Pollen, animal dander, smoke, bacteria and other pollutants — often invisible to the human eye — exist in all of our homes. The team at Robies can quickly identify the problem in your home — and recommend a solution. Learn more.
Humidifiers. During different seasons and within certain climates, air can become dry. A humidifier can be built-in to many heating and cooling systems, both new and existing. Proper humidification also lowers fuel costs and makes a home “feel” more comfortable.
Energy Recovery Ventilators. An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) provides a comfortable, healthy, noise-free, and safe means of exchanging stale, polluted indoor air with fresh outdoor air in your entire home year-round. Properly installed, it will reduce your heating and cooling bills as well.
UV Lamps. Unfortunately, even quality heating and cooling systems develop mold spores and bacteria deposits within the evaporator coils. Our introduction of UV lamps into your system will “zap” any trace of mold, providing for a healthier home. Learn more.
Dehumidifiers. Warmer seasons bring humidity. Cooler seasons bring dampness. And our location on Cape Cod can sometimes just make matters worse. The team at Robies understands these issues that arise from living so close to the ocean and we have the solution: a whole-house dehumidifier, sized for your home, to keep your indoor air as crisp as it should be.

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Indoor air quality products on Cape Cod installed by Robies.

Why Robies is the choice to be your indoor air quality contractor:

Robies’ staff includes some of the most knowledgeable technical professionals on Cape Cod. Factory trained, our employees keep up with the latest technological advances and building and local code changes and always obtain necessary installation permits. We have been serving Cape Codders for over 57 years, and back up our promises with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No matter what your home comfort need, think of us.

Robies has been a tradition of service and quality for 58 years.
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Robies has technicians who are NATE certified.
Robies is a licensed MA sheet metal contractor.
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