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These days more than ever, healthy inside air is a major concern for the Cape's homeowners. Indoor air can be 10 times more polluted than outside air — and the last thing you need is for bacteria and viruses or mold to linger inside your home.

HALO-LED air purifier.

Zaps away bacteria, viruses and pollutants.

Installed by the Cape’s indoor air quality pros: Robies.

Installed for $1,199

into your existing duct system

At Robies, we are recommending the HALO-LED whole-home air purification system for homes with heating and/or cooling systems which blow air through ductwork. Installation is simple and fast: immediately reducing airborne and surface contaminants through a process of bi-polar ionization. In addition to protecting your indoor air, your heating and/or cooling system’s performance will be more efficient as well!

halo-led air purification



minimizes microbial build-up while preventing particles from becoming airborne


enhances air flow and helps maintain system efficiency


quiet operation


7-year limited warranty (4 years for cell component)

How it works:

• Robies will install the unit within your existing system

• automatic self-cleaning ionizers with carbon fiber brushes “scrub” the air

• a “washable” catalyst to maintain air purity

• turns on and off with your HVAC system

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