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The new “Cor” thermostat is perfect for Cape Cod homeowners.

The Cor thermostat will be your best friend this year!

Keeping your home comfortable in the upcoming winter — and even during the heat of summer — can be difficult, especially when we want to keep those energy bills low. Often we over-adjust the wall thermostat in hopes that the room will “just get warm fast” when we’re getting up in the morning or coming home after work — and we end up paying for these drastic adjustments.

If only there were a way to be comfortable and save money.

This is why Carrier has brought us the new “Cor” thermostat. Here at Robies, we must say we’re very impressed with this tiny new piece of technology.

With the Cor’s full-color touch screen, intuitive prompts, weather, and internet access, you’d honestly think you were purchasing Apple’s next iPad. But this high-tech device controls your family’s comfort perfectly, rather than your Facebook connections.

The Cor not only lets you precisely target specific temperatures for different parts of a day, it also creates specialized reports about energy usage, tips for improvements, and week-long plus vacation programming to control your comfort. If your system includes a Carrier heat pump and a furnace, the Cor’s energy smart design works with Carrier’s Hybrid Heat® system to automatically make the intelligent decisions that help you save money.

Best of all, your thermostat can be controlled no matter where you are, either on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone, Not just current settings, but history and upcoming temperature settings and well.

Early tests have shown that with a Cor thermostat, homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs.

In the near future, the Cor system will interface with all sorts of home systems, such as lights, security and smart living products like Amazon’s Alexa. It will even alert you if you left your garage door open!

While we at Robies admire all Carrier products, if we had to pick just one this would be it. The Cor thermostat is the key to fully controlling the winter and summer comfort your family deserves.

Contact us today to learn more about Cor!

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