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Does a standby generator make sense for a rugged Cape Codder?






More than in other parts of the nation the people who reside on Cape Cod know how to live with extreme weather. And “doing without” heat or electricity is seen by some as a badge of honor.

At Robies, we’re here to tell you that being trapped in your house for several days with plummeting temperatures may inspire courage — but in 2016 it’s really no longer necessary.

The next time a bad storm hits, you do not need to eat unheated vegetables from a can. You can enjoy them warm and perfectly prepared…while watching the news on TV or surfing the Internet. For now is a fantastic time to have Robies install a Generac automatic stand-by generator.

Please….our intent here is to not be sales-y. But now really is the best time of the year to buy a Generac. The weather is perfect for installation and our generator staff isn’t as busy as they will be in fall and winter.

We have chosen Generac generators because of their excellent reliability, durability and competitive cost. All that Generac makes are generators, so they focus on solid engineering and quality manufacturing — and we think they do a really great job.

There are numerous models, so you get to choose how much of your home’s power you would like restored in a blackout. Generac generators run on natural gas or propane. Installation is straightforward and non-intrusive. We’ll back it up with continuing priority service for a year.

From winter nor’easters to summer hurricanes, you’d think a place that gets hit with nasty storms would have a better infrastructure for bouncing back. Unfortunately, Cape Cod has yet to be treated by utility companies with the same priority as do urban and suburban areas. Power outages will continue in the years ahead; that’s for certain.

So let’s do this! There isn’t a better time, and we’re not just saying that in a hokey radio commercial way; it really is the best time to give peace of mind to your family with a Generac generator installed by the factory-trained team at Robies.

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