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Carrier Inverter Technology

Inverter Technology has changed the HVAC industry in a drastic way.  Carrier, the founders of the industry, have been at the forefront of this, and are leading the way with their impressive advancements in their Inverter Technologies.  Wikipedia defines a Power Inverter, or Inverter, an an electronic device or circuitry that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).   This allows Carrier Equipment powered by Inverter Technology to use only the precise amount of electricity necessary to achieve a comfort setting designated by a homeowner.

Here is an example of how this impressive technology works smarter and more efficiently to bring maximum comfort to homes and businesses:


Carrier’s most impressive examples of Inverter Technology are the 19VS A/C Condensing Unit and the 18VS Heat Pump.

24VNA9 Carrier 19VS A/C Condensing Unit

25VNA8 Carrier 18VS Heat Pump

These units are the epitome of High Efficiency.  They result in lower utility bills for homeowners, quieter operation, and more comfortable homes.

The benefits and advantages to these Inverter driven systems are significant.  The most obvious advantage is the incredible energy efficiency these systems offer.  Utility bills are lower, which means the impact on the environment is less.  For some homeowners, “going green” is very important to them, and Carrier Inverter technology is one of the best green options in the market.

Another massive benefit is the dehumidification capabilities of the home during the peak summer months here on Cape Cod.   For Cape Codders, typically its not the heat that makes us uncomfortable, its the humidity.  These units features longer run times at lower power which improves indoor air quality in the home and pulls the moisture out of the air.  This also means less temperature swing and consistent temperature control.  This dehumidification also helps to prevent allergies and dust mites and avoid condensation, mold and mildew.

Carrier equipment with Inverter technology is typically 40-60% smaller and up to 130 pound lighter.  They feature longer run times at lower power.   Believe it or not, the longer the units are running, the better.  When the air is hot and humid, its more comfortable if the units are running longer because they are continuously pulling moisture from the air.  These units also feature soft start up and are so quiet that the homeowners often don’t even know they are running.

Clearly, Inverter Technology is the future, and Carrier is taking us there!



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